At Bakerstreet

  • John: *walks in, founds Sherlock playing a new sound on the violin*
  • Sherlock: *turns around, stops playing and sit down in his chair*
  • John: “Was it a tough day?”
  • Sherlock: *looks at John* “No, why do you ask”?
  • John: You just looked different yesterday, so I went to Bart’s this morning to pick up the samples you wanted to experiment with and... *he makes a pause* ...I ran into Molly.”
  • Sherlock: *looks curious at John with widened eyes* “And?”
  • John: *smirks slightly* “She said you were more intolerably and frustrated than else and you left the lab without a word. That’s a bit rude isn’t it?”
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: *looks at him with an intensive gaze* “You love her. Don’t you?”
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: “I do not love her, John... *looks away from John*...I do not sentiment.”
  • John: “Yes you do! You love Molly Hooper!” *points at Sherlock*
  • Sherlock: *frustrated sigh* “Fine! Yes I do love her...”
  • John: *smiles* “When are you going to tell her?”
  • Sherlock: “I don’t know...”
  • TBC???

Why worry about global warming, genocides, people starving in Africa and animal rights? It’s so much easier to simply not care.That’s why many hate vegans, those stupid people who care too much. When you believe that you don’t care, it’s easy to ride a meh-horse and ridicule the people who actually face the truth and allow themselves to feel it.

Look at the state of the world. Maybe the reason so much horror exists is because of the billions of us who stand on the sidelines, unable to cope with a terrible truth. And those who speak the truth get marginalized and pushed out of society’s consciousness. Any representations or personifications of the repressed emotions are mocked, even hated. Just remember that when you encounter these people, the truth hurts them so much that they can’t take it, so have compassion.

VeganChowhound (via animalsandtrees)

A Scenario I Posed to My Brother

  • Me: Hey, you're in the Computer Club, right?
  • Bro: Yeah?
  • Me: All right, imagine this - the school is holding a year-long fundraiser, and the club that raises the most money wins a trip to Disneyland.
  • Bro: Awesome!
  • Me: So at the end of the year, everyone in the school gathers together in the gym or auditorium or cafeteria or wherever--
  • Bro: Uh-huh...
  • Me: And the principal announces the winners. "In fourth place, with $312 raised, the Football Team!"
  • Bro: Ha ha!
  • Me: "In third place with $352, the Art Club!"
  • Bro: Yuh-huh...
  • Me: "In second, with $426, the Physics Club!"
  • Bro: 'Kay...
  • Me: "And in first place, with a total of $472 - The Computer Club!"
  • Bro: Bitchin'!
  • Me: But wait! The principal continues -- "I have a surprise announcement, everyone! I've decided to make a few last-minute donations."
  • Bro: Come again?
  • Me: "To the Head Cheerleader, I donate $50."
  • Bro: Wait, are the cheerleaders involved?
  • Me: She's for the Football team.
  • Bro: Ah...
  • Me: "On behalf of the Running Back, I donate another $50."
  • Bro: Where are you going with this?
  • Me: "To the Quarterback, I donate $60!"
  • Bro: Wait, doesn't that mean--
  • Me: "And to the Towel Boy, I give $10. That's a grand total of $482. THE FOOTBALL TEAM WINS THE TRIP TO DISNEYLAND!"
  • Me: That's basically what happened at the end of the first Harry Potter